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Tips To Protect Your Credit Card

Published by Scott Hershman

Everyone aims to have good money habits, whether you are keeping track of your spending or traveling on vacation. Credit cards are an essential use to pay for a multitude of things, but it’s important to stay safe while using them. As financial fraud grows, turn to our currency exchange near Villa Park for more information on safety tips for your cards.

Use Basic Credit Card Security

Once you get a new card, sign the back right away in case the card ends up in someone else’s hands. Store your PIN number somewhere separately from your card and make sure you do not forget it. Additionally, don’t share your passwords and make sure they are not easy to guess.

Keep All Account Information Private

Make sure you are keeping your card private, and not divulging any card information over the phone unless you initiated the call or if you are talking to your bank. If you get an email that asks for your account number or other personal information, do not answer it. Lastly, consider paperless statements as this way you know all information comes directly to you.

Keep Everything Up To Date

If you move, let your bank know so you can change your address and continue to receive your statements. Consider signing up for fraud alerts with your cell phone number and check-in with your bank every so often to make sure your contact information is correct.

Report Lost Cards and/or Fraud

If you think you’ve lost your credit card or you suspect fraudulent activity, contact your bank immediately so you can get a block on your card and account number. This way, no one else has access to them, even if they do have your credit card.

If you have any questions about credit card use, don’t hesitate to contact our currency exchange near Villa Park today and we will answer any concerns that may arise.


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