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Vehicle Title Transfers and Illinois Car Registration

Drivers in the state of Illinois are required to have their vehicle properly licensed and registered before they can legally drive. WSCE can process all of your vehicle license as title transactions quickly and easily. As an agent for the Illinois Secretary of State (SoS), we can help you transfer plates in Illinois from one car to another. We can also help transfer your Illinois car title to a new owner.

We understand that our customers are busy. So we pride ourselves on the speed of service we deliver. There’s no need to wait in long lines at the SoS office to get your vehicle title transfer or vehicle registration renewal in Illinois. Instead, stop by any of our convenient WSCE locations and we’ll provide you with the documentation to legally operate your vehicle in minutes.

We handle it all for you. Examples of services we offer include:

  • Transfer plates from one vehicle to another
  • Transfer car title from one person to another
  • Obtain state license plate stickers
  • Obtain new license plates
  • Register a new vehicle

License Plates & Car Title Transfers in Illinois

If you are planning to purchase or otherwise acquire a vehicle, you must transfer the car title into your name. To legally operate the vehicle, the license plates must also be up-to-date. We can process the title transfer, provide new plates, and even issue a new Illinois plate sticker if necessary.

New car? If you’ve recently bought, traded for, or received a vehicle as a gift, we can help you file the necessary paperwork to legally drive it in Illinois. We’ll transfer the car title and registration into your name so you can get on the road with your new vehicle as soon as possible. By completing and filing the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190) and paying the title fees required by the state, the car will be officially yours!

Are you a new resident? We can help you get set up! If you have just moved to Illinois, WSCE can help you register your vehicle. Moving is complicated enough—our friendly and knowledgeable associates are trained to help make this part of your transition smooth and stress-free.

Selling or gifting your vehicle? If you’re privately selling your vehicle or passing it on to a friend or family member, visit WSCE. We can help you file the correct paperwork associated with transferring the title of your vehicle in Illinois. We take the hassle out of your vehicle title transfer and can even help the recipient with their vehicle registration in Illinois.

We process all license transactions. So don’t worry if none of the above scenarios match your unique situation. We can still help! Our team has the knowledge necessary to guide you in the right direction, eliminating the hassle of figuring it all out on your own.

What Do I Need to Transfer a Car Title in Illinois?

To transfer a car title in Illinois for a vehicle you just purchased, simply bring the title, your ID, and a proof of address to your local WSCE. We’ll take care of everything from there and have you in and out faster than it would take to drive to the DMV. For other transactions, give us a call or visit the Illinois state website for information about the documents you’ll need.

Don’t Waste Your Time

We know you realize how important vehicle title transfer and vehicle registration renewal are in Illinois. We also know that a trip to the DMV might not fit in your busy schedule. WSCE is qualified to provide all of these services and more. So if your time is important to you, stop by your local West Suburban Currency Exchange and we’ll have you out the door before you know it.

Visit Us for Car Title Transfers in Illinois

WSCE makes it easy to conduct transactions relating to your car’s license and title. If you have any questions about the title transfer or vehicle registration process in Illinois, our team is always standing by to provide you with the informative answers you need. In addition to vehicle related services, we also offer foreign currency exchange, money orders, convenient utility bill payments, and more!

So drop in today and check off all of your errands at once.