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Vehicle Licenses

As an agent for the Illinois Secretary of State, we are able to process all of your vehicle license and title transactions. Not only will you find us convenient, you will leave our facility with the necessary documentation to legally operate your vehicle.

If you have purchased or otherwise acquired a vehicle, you will need to transfer ownership of the title. In some cases, a usage tax is assessed. To operate the vehicle, license plates must be obtained. We will process all of this for you and apply for the right plate type depending on your vehicle.

If your license plates are expiring or have expired, see us for a renewal sticker. We sell renewal stickers over-the-counter for any month in the current calendar year. If you need to renew your license plates for the previous calendar year we can order your sticker and have it in our store for pickup in less than one week!

If you have just moved to Illinois, we can help you register your vehicle. Our friendly and knowledgeable associates are trained to help make your transition smooth and stress-free.

We process all license transactions so if the above does not describe your unique situation, come see us. We can help.