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Car Title Transfers and Vehicle Registration in Illinois

Are you looking to transfer your car title or vehicle registration to Illinois? If so, WSCE can help. We are an agent for the Illinois Secretary of State (SoS), and we can process all the paperwork you need fast and without any hassle.

We can also assist you if you need to transfer your plates from one vehicle to another or to transfer your car title to a new vehicle owner. We respect our customer’s time, so we pride ourselves on delivering a speedy service. Don’t worry about waiting in long lines as you would at the SoS office—instead come to WSCE!

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For all your vehicle registration and car title transfer needs in Illinois, count on WSCE. We’ll get you in and out quickly so you can get back to your busy day.

We can help with these vehicle license and registration services:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Car title transfer from one person to another
  • State license plate stickers
  • New license plates
  • License plate transfer from one vehicle to the next
  • Registering a new vehicle

Understanding License Plate and Car Title Transfers in Illinois

In Illinois, you must transfer the car title and registration before a new owner can legally drive the car. Additionally, you’ll need to complete an Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190), which must be completed and submitted to the state.

WSCE can process all of this paperwork, provide updated plates, and even issue an updated Illinois plate sticker if necessary. Once we file everything, you are free to drive your vehicle!

WSCE can also assist in getting your vehicle registered if you’ve just moved to Illinois from out of state. Moving is hard enough without dealing with the burden of the registration process. We can help you in making it as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

Save time and prevent frustration by avoiding the Secretary of State’s branch location in Chicago. Leave the tedious title transfer process to WSCE and know you’re in good hands.

How to Transfer a Car Title in Illinois

After you purchase a vehicle in Illinois, simply bring your documents to WSCE. All you’ll need is the title, the bill of sale, your identification, and proof of residence.

We will handle everything and have you out in no time. For other questions about transferring a vehicle title, simply contact our team.

What Do I Need to Transfer a Car Title in Illinois?

To drive legally in Illinois, you’ll need to transfer your car title. To transfer a car title in Illinois for a vehicle you just purchased, simply bring the title, your ID, and proof of address to your local WSCE.

We’ll take care of everything from there and have you in and out faster than it would take to drive to the Secretary of State’s office. For other transactions, or for questions about registering your vehicle, give us a call or visit the Illinois state website for information about the documents you’ll need.

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