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WSCE Western Union Illinois Locations

​The Fastest Way to Send Money

When you need to send funds to someone out of state—or even out of the country—you can’t always wait for extended transfer times. Western Union money transfers allow you to send and receive funds around the globe almost instantly.

WSCE, Inc. offers Western Union money transfer services to help make sure your money makes it to your creditor, family member, or friend as quickly as possible. This method is ideal for many people who are supporting family or friends abroad, travelers, or business people who need to retrieve funds quickly.

​What Do I Need for a Western Union Money Transfer?

​To send a Western Union money transfer with us, all you need is an ID and the cash you plan to send. Then, when you arrive at our office, you’ll need to complete a “To Send Money” form. You will also need the full amount ready that you would like to send, plus fees, in cash.

​Once you’ve completed your part, the cash will be available to pick up at the recipient’s local Western Union. To accept the funds, the recipient will need a form of valid identification. They’ll also need to fill in a ‘To Receive Money’ form at their local Western Union location.

Western Union is widely known as the fastest way to send money. And once you’ve tried it you’ll discover that it’s also one of the easiest ways to do so.

​Send Funds to Over 200 Countries and Territories

Each of our storefronts serves as a Western Union Illinois location and makes it easy for customers to send money abroad hassle-free. West Suburban Currency Exchanges are among Western Union’s 500,000 participating agent locations, which are located in over 200 countries and territories. No matter where your friends or family are located, chances are that they have a participating Western Union location just around the corner.

​Dispense Your Funds in the Local Currency

Worried that your cousin in the Philippines won’t be able to use your American dollars? This won’t be a problem with our money transfer services. Western Union enables customers to retrieve their funds in 130 local currencies.

You can send money with Western Union to family in Mexico, China, New Zealand, or anywhere else. When the recipient picks up the money from their local Western Union, they will receive the funds in their local currency.

Best of all, neither the sender nor the recipient needs to have a bank account or even a debit card. Once the sender pays for the money transfer, the recipient can pick up cash from a nearby Western Union and spend it immediately!

​Pay Bills Immediately With Our Western Union Services

Our payment services throughout Chicago’s western suburbs aren’t just for sending money to individuals; you can also use them to pay bills from participating creditors here in the United States.

When you need to send your mortgage payment, car payment, or utility bill in a hurry—West Suburban Currency Exchange can help. Visit us today to send a payment to a participating recipient quickly and hassle-free.

​Find a Western Union Illinois Location Near You

When it comes to sending money abroad, it’s a comfort to know that your funds will reach their destination quickly. All West Suburban Currency Exchange stores serve as Western Union Illinois locations and offer money transfer services.

So if you need to send money fast, stop by your local WSCE branch and we’ll take care of everything. We pride ourselves on the exceptional level of customer service we provide to every customer and will gladly answer any question you may have.

For more information on our money transfer, money order, check cashing, or any other services provided by WSCE, Inc., contact us by phone at 847-759-4599 or visit a location near you.