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At WSCE, we know that you work hard for your money. So when a customer pays your business with a check, we understand that you don’t want to wait for it to clear the bank to get your cash. You have employees to pay and suppliers that want their money now—and, of course, you deserve to get paid yourself! At West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Inc. we can turn checks made out to your business into cash instantly.

Does My Small Business Need a Bank Account?

If you begin working as an independent contractor or decide to start a small business, you may be wondering whether or not you need a designated bank account. While a separate bank account can become helpful as your business grows in size, there is no legal requirement which forces small businesses to have a bank account. 

Today, many small businesses and independent contractors run their operations without a bank account. If you do receive a check as a form of payment from a customer or vendor, West Suburban Currency Exchange is here to help you cash it!

Payments from Customers

As the world moves towards digital payments, it may seem like checks are becoming a thing of the past—for many small businesses, this is far from the case! Many businesses still accept checks from their customers for services such as plumbing repairs, remodeling, cleaning services, and more. This traditional form of payment is cashable without a bank account at any WSCE location.

Payments from Other Businesses

If your company is supplying merchandise, supplies, or labor to another business, you may prefer to receive your payment in the form of a check. This form of payment is sometimes preferred for its ease of record-keeping or security features when compared to conducting business in cash. We are happy to help you cash checks made out to your business at the West Suburban Currency Exchange location nearest to you.

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Does your business accept checks from vendors and customers? You’re not alone! At West Suburban Currency Exchange, we help business owners gain access to the funds they need quickly and efficiently. To find out what you need to set up a business check cashing account in minutes, simply give us a call!

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