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Purchasing and Cashing Money Orders Near Me

Money Orders

Are you looking for a money order company that’s licensed and bonded by the State of Illinois? Then, look no further than West Suburban Currency Exchange. Our money orders are valid worldwide, making us an excellent option for paying bills or sending money to relatives, friends, or institutions.

To cash a money order or purchase a new one, visit one of our Chicago Currency Exchange locations today!

What Is a Money Order?

A money order is a slip of paper that can be used as payment, similar to a personal check. Money orders are purchased upfront, meaning they are an accepted form of payment virtually everywhere. Because money orders are purchased upfront, they are less likely to bounce than personal checks.

Money orders are a convenient and safe way to send money, whether you’re paying rent, sending a gift, or repaying a debt. When filling out a money order, you will need to provide the recipient’s name and address, as well as your own name and address.

You must pay for the money order with cash or a debit card. After you have purchased the money order, you can mail it to the recipient or deliver it in person.

Cashing a Money Order

Cashing a money order is a simple process – just be sure to bring the money order and a valid form of ID to one of our local WSCE locations. Then, in a few quick steps, you’ll have the cash you need on the spot.

While you could visit a bank, post office, or credit union, you’ll find the service at West Suburban Currency Exchange is much faster and more convenient. Almost anyone can cash a money order at our exchange!

Benefits of Sending a Money Order

Buying a money order has several advantages over paying with cash or a check.

Less Likely to Bounce

Money orders are a type of payment that is less likely to bounce than a personal check. This is because when you purchase a money order, you are essentially paying for the guarantee that the money will be paid out to the recipient.

Safe and Secure

Money orders are also safe. Unlike cash, money orders can be traced if lost or stolen. Additionally, money orders do not require a bank account, so there is no risk of overdraft fees.

Convenient to Use

Money orders are a convenient way to pay bills or send money to friends and family. Most businesses also accept money orders. So if you are looking for an alternative to cash or checks, money orders may be the right choice.

Why Choose West Suburban Currency Exchange?

There are many reasons to choose WSCE when purchasing a money order. First of all, we make it easy by staying open later than traditional banks. This means you can get your money order when it’s convenient for you.

Secondly, we have a long history of providing excellent customer service. This means you can be confident that you’ll receive the financial services you need quickly and efficiently.

We have 26 Currency Exchange locations conveniently located across the Western Chicago area, so you will likely find one nearby. Whether you’re in the suburbs or downtown, we have you covered. So, why wait? Get your money order from WSCE today!