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West Suburban Currency Exchange Money Orders

Money Orders

West Suburban Currency Exchange money orders are like “prepaid checks.” Customers use them to pay bills or to mail money to relatives, friends, or institutions. Our money order company is licensed and bonded by the State of Illinois. And our money orders are valid worldwide.

​What Is A Money Order

Money orders are slips of paper that can be used as payment, much like a personal check. But unlike checks, a money order guarantees payment, meaning it will never bounce. You purchase a money order similar to the way you would a prepaid Visa card. Because you pay for money orders upfront, they’re an accepted form of payment virtually everywhere.

​Why Use A Money Order

Money orders offer a variety of advantages over traditional checks and other forms of payment. Here are a few of the situations in which a money order might make sense for you:

  • When confidentiality is a concern. If you’re apprehensive about giving an unknown individual a check with your bank account and routing numbers on it, a money order provides the perfect solution. Since money orders are purchased with cash or debit cards, they don’t contain any personal information.
  • When you need an alternative, legal form of payment. Countless businesses don’t accept personal checks as a form of payment. However, even these businesses will accept a money order. It’s a safe method of payment that’s accepted just about anywhere in the world.
  • If you need to make record keeping easier. When buying a money order near Chicago, you’ll receive the money order itself as well as a copy. The copy can’t be cashed. But it makes it easier to maintain your financial records and provide proof of payment if needed.
  • If you need to make a payment outside of banking hours. One of the biggest problems most people face with their bank is not being able to get to the bank during normal hours. We make getting money orders easy by staying open later than traditional banks.
  • When you don’t have a bank account. Money orders and cashier’s checks are very similar in that they both act as a guaranteed form of payment. However, to obtain a cashier’s check, you typically need to have an account with the local bank issuing the check. But to buy a money order, you’ll never need to open an account with a financial institution of any kind.

​What You Need to Send a Money Order

To send local or international money orders from Chicago or the surrounding areas, you need the full name and address of the payee. You’ll also need to know the exact amount of the money order you plan to send.

During your visit, you will fill in these details with the help of a friendly member of our staff. We will then create the money order for you and hand you a copy. Be sure to store your copy in a safe location until you are sure that the funds have been received.

​How to Cash a Money Order

West Suburban Currency Exchanges offer money orders for purchase and can cash your money orders as well. Stop by any of our locations with the money order and a valid form of ID and we’ll gladly provide you with cash on the spot.

If you aren’t in the Chicago area, find a local establishment that cashes money orders. In addition to all international Western Union locations, a bank, credit union, or post office may allow you to cash a money order. The money order will need to be endorsed with a signature, just like a traditional check.

​Where To Get A Money Order Near Me

WSCE makes it easy to get a money order near you. With dozens of locations outside Chicago, we’re sure to have one local to you. And if you need to send an international money order near Chicago, we’re here to make the process quick and hassle-free.

You can also contact us by phone at (847) 299-3100 with any questions you may have about the process. Otherwise, stop by one of our retail stores today and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of your money order needs.