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2 minutes read

How to Lower Your Utility Bill

Published by Scott Hershman

Life is expensive enough as it is, so why not do everything in your power to save money where you can? Utility bills are a monthly expense that can easily add up to a good amount of money. At our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village, we process utility payments for your convenience. Plus, they are processed electronically, and most can be credited to your account within 48 hours or less! Here are some easy ways to cut down on your utility bill costs.

Tend to Leaks

You’d be surprised about the amount of energy that leaks take up. Faucets, toilets and pipes should be monitored closely. Another helpful tip is to look at your water meter before and after a two-hour period when you are not using water. The meter should not change at all. If it does, you likely have a leak somewhere in your home.

Turn Off the Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is a great way to circulate air throughout your home, so it cools off. This is especially useful in the summer. When you aren’t home, turn off ceiling fans and other fans around your home to decrease your energy bill.

Replace Filters

Your air conditioning units and dryers have filters that need to replaced on occasion to make sure they are running smoothly and energy-efficiently. If filters aren’t replaced often, your appliances will have to work harder and use more energy.

When you visit our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village to process your utility bill, use the above tips to ensure it is as low as it can be!

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