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2 minutes read

How Do Money Orders Work?

Published by Scott Hershman

While traditional checks are useful in a number of different circumstances, there are certain limitations which make them risky in certain situations. Money orders allow you to securely send money internationally to family members, businesses, or another entity. But how do they work? Today, we’ll explain what is needed to send and receive money orders.

How Do You Send a Money Order?

Think of money orders like pre-paid checks: they require the funds to be provided upfront. When creating a money order in Addison, you will need to bring the payee’s full name and address, and the full amount you would like to send in cash. You will fill out the form and receive a receipt in return. Be careful to keep track of the receipt, as this will be needed to file a claim if there are any issues with your money order.

How Do You Cash a Money Order?

If you’ve received a money order in the mail, you will need to bring it to a local Western Union location or another institution that cashes money orders. A money order needs to be endorsed just like a check and presented with valid identification. Depending on where you bring your money order, fees for picking up your money order may apply.

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