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2 minutes read

Get Ahead On Your Taxes 2020

Published by Scott Hershman

It’s a new year, which means it is time to prepare for filing your taxes from 2019. If you are expecting a tax return in 2020, try not to procrastinate and start gathering your tax information together as soon as you so you can cash that refund check.

By the end of January, your employers, banks, investment ventures, and others with whom you do business with should be providing all the tax documents that you need to file your return. For each document you receive, check that the information matches your own records and ensure you understand if they are accurate. Some of these documents may help you save money or increase your overall return, so it is important you gather all necessary documents.  Once tax season is over, you will be grateful you were so prepared to get your return!

For those who are receiving a refund check, it is likely that you will want to cash that check as soon as possible. Don’t let the banks hours determine when you can receive your refund in 2020. Head to the WSCE location nearest you to cash your tax refund check at a time that is convenient for you. WSCE is open evenings and weekends to serve you at times that fit your busy schedule. Also, if you cash your tax refund at WSCE, you will get your cash instantly. Depending on your usual bank, the bank may put a hold on your deposited funds for several days. WSCE is committed to cashing every good check that is presented to us to get you the funds you need as soon as possible.

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