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2 minutes read

Don’t Get A Ticket For An Expired License Plate

Published by Scott Hershman

2017 will be the second consecutive year that renewal notices will not be mailed. Maybe you are aware of this, or maybe you are part of the many Illinois residents who are not. Back In September 2015, the Secretary of State reminded drivers that they would no longer get renewal notices in the mail for their expiring license plates. Following the suspended letters, renewals were down 15 percent in November 2015, and 23 percent in December 2015 according to ABC7 Chicago. A ticket for an expired license plate can cost you a minimum of $100.00.

How To Avoid Getting A Ticket

To avoid getting a ticket, we advise that you set reminders for yourself in your digital or written calendar. Set the date for your reminder a few weeks before the expiration and also a second reminder a few days before. Plan to get your sticker a few weeks before it expires, just in case something comes up. When the time comes for your renewal, skip the line at the Secretary of State Office and get your renewal sticker instantly at WSCE.

Your License Plate Renewal At WSCE

Here at WSCE, we have made license plate renewals easy. We have 28 convenient locations so you do not have to travel far. There are no long lines like at the Secretary of State office; getting a license plate renewal should not be an entire day production. We sell renewals over-the-counter for any month in the current calendar year. Additionally, we can renew your license plates for the previous calendar year by ordering your sticker. When a sticker is ordered it will be shipped to our store for in-store pickup in less than one week. The best part? At WSCE we are open evenings and weekends to work with your schedule.

Source: ABC7 Chicago

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