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New Oswego Currency Exchange

340 Douglas Road
Oswego, IL 60543
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Phone: 630-896-2600

Fax: 630-896-2747

Business Hours:
Mon-Tue 9am-5pm
Wed Closed
Thurs-Sat 9am-5pm

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  • Check Cashing
  • License Plate Renewals
  • Get Cash with your Debit Card
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Prepaid Visa Debit Cards
  • Phone Cards
  • Coin
  • Fax
  • Money Orders
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates
  • Copies
  • Notary

Check Out Our New Oswego Currency Exchange

When you’re looking for foreign exchange in Oswego, IL, or you need a place to take care of your retail financial needs, we are ready to help. At Western Suburban Currency Exchanges, we offer a variety of services to make it all more convenient for you. Located close to where you live or work, our currency exchange offers the services you need, whether you want to convert money for your next international trip or you need to pay your utility bills, vehicle registration, license renewal, money orders, prepaid debit cards and more.

How to Exchange Currency in Oswego, IL

One of our most popular services is our foreign exchange in Oswego, IL. It’s always easier to exchange your currency before you leave for your trip to reduce any associated fees and save time wasted going through the process when you can be enjoying your destination. We can take your US funds and convert them into Canadian dollars, Euros, Mexican pesos, and more so you can enjoy your vacation as soon as you arrive. We’ll even convert any leftover money back once you return. We offer the most current exchange rates, although we only deal in bills, not coins, so keep this in mind when you stop by.

Where Can I Exchange Foreign Currency Near Oswego, IL?

We make it as convenient as possible to get the money exchange you need. If you live or work in the Oswego area, it’s fast and easy to exchange your currency when you stop at our new location. We’ll be happy to get you settled with the currency you need.

If you’re looking for foreign exchange or you need other retail financial services like license renewal, vehicle registration, prepaid debit cards, utility bill payment, or more, contact us.

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