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Turn Your Check into Cash in Des Plaines, IL

West Suburban Currency Exchanges offers fast check-to-cash services in Des Plaines, Illinois. We accept all types of checks, including payroll, government, personal, two-party, money orders, income tax refunds, insurance drafts, cashier’s checks, and more. Visit us today to learn more!

Why You Should Cash Your Check With Us

At WSCE, we want everyone to have cash whenever they need it. We offer fast and efficient check-to-cash services, such as

  • We’ll cash your check instantly: Banks often hold onto deposited checks for days before releasing the funds into your account. Whenever you cash a check at a West Suburban Currency Exchange, you receive an immediate cash payout.
  • We won’t turn your good check away: Other check cashing companies turn away certain types of checks or checks above a certain dollar amount. WSCE cashes every good check that comes through our doors.
  • We can cash checks payable to your company: Many institutions struggle with business check cashing. We don’t! We cash business checks as well as personal checks.
  • We have long hours: Banks and other financial service companies are infamous for their confusing schedules and bank holidays. These limited hours make it challenging for people to cash a check. WSCE is open nights and weekends to accommodate every schedule for fast, immediate service.

Two one-hundred dollar bills in a wallet.

We’re Committed to Cashing Every Good Check

Our check cashing services provide a simple solution to getting the money you need. We accept various types of checks, including

  • Personal checks
  • Business checks
  • Money orders
  • Cashier checks
  • Travelers’ checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Pension checks
  • 401(K) Rollover
  • Unemployment
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Workers’ comp
  • Tax refunds

As a company that puts customer satisfaction as its top priority, we ensure everyone gets the money they need without transaction delays.

We Provide Fast, Hassle-Free Check Cashing Services

When you visit us for check cashing services, you’re in for a convenient, hassle-free service. We understand that cashing a check at a bank is a frustrating, time-consuming process. Banks can take days to cash your check. Also, you may need to account to access the money.

Having to wait this long can put you in a financial bind. When you need money fast, you shouldn’t have to worry about new accounts with debit cards and minimum balances. Our check cashing services in Des Plaines allow you to cash your check and use the funds at your convenience.

West Suburban Currency Exchange check cashing services are available at any of our many locations. Cash your check at a WSCE closest to you.

Visit Us Today for Check Cashing and Other Services

Visit a WSCE location today to cash your check, or contact us to learn more about our other services. We’re always available to answer your questions or concerns. Call us at 847-299-3100 to speak to a team member today!

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