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2 minutes read

When to Use a Money Order

Published by Scott Hershman

You’ve likely heard of money orders, but do you know in exactly what situations they should be used? At WSCE, our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village provides money orders to our customers when they need they need them most. Additionally, our money order company is licensed and bonded by the State of Illinois, and our money orders are valid worldwide. Here is some more information about when it is appropriate to use a money order.

What is It?

Money orders are guaranteed payments that you can buy. Think of money orders as an alternative to cash or personal checks that are especially useful if you need to send them. We guarantee your delivery!


If you want a more secure way to send your money as opposed to sending cash or a personal check, you should opt for a money order instead. They are also useful if you need to pay bills and you don’t have a checking account because they require you to pay in advance. If you are worried about a check bouncing due to insufficient funds, money orders from our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village are ideal because they are prepaid. Sending money internationally, money orders are another good way to do so.

Our hours are longer than traditional banks, so we make it easy to get a money order in a pinch! Visit our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village or at any of our other convenient locations today.

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