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What Happens if You Lose Your Birth Certificate?

Published by Scott Hershman

Losing a birth certificate is a significant issue, but is also incredibly common. Fires, theft, or simple misplacement might mean you can’t find it. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips on what to do if you lost your birth certificate, and the steps to take to get a new one.

Report to the Vital Records Office

First, report your missing or lost birth certificate to the state’s vital records office. Whether you simply misplaced it or you believe it was stolen, request a replacement birth certificate as soon as possible. MIssing birth certificates are one of the leading causes of identification fraud. With that, you should also report to your local police station and federal identity theft website to avoid potential fraudulent activity on your accounts.

When you report to the state’s records office, you will need to provide certified copies of birth records, personal identification, and other important documents to prove your identity, including

  • Driver’s license, State ID, or passport

  • Social security card

  • Your full name at birth

  • Your parents full names

  • The city/town and date of birth

  • Hospital of birth

  • Sex at birth

There are special circumstances if you were born abroad, adopted, or if your parents deceased or separated while you were young. Talk to the vital records office if these circumstances apply to you.

Obtaining a Birth Certificate

When you’re ready to submit your application to replace a lost birth certificate, you must pay any state fees via check or money order. You will also need to have a notary public review all documentation to validate your paperwork. Once that’s settled, you can submit your application and expect a replacement birth certificate in up to 12 weeks.

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