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Tips For Managing Your Utility Bills

Published by Scott Hershman

Are you having difficulty keeping track of your bills? The average person has a water bill, gas bill, electric bill, cable bill, internet bill, phone bill, mortgage/rent, taxes, and more. Keep track of what bill is due when and how much they cost can get stressful. If you are getting hit by late fees, there are steps that you can take. As your local currency exchange Addison store, we want to help you manage your bills and be in good financial standing. Below are tips to help you stay on top of your payments, avoid costly fees, and avoid higher interest rates.

Organization Is Key

Make a list of all of your monthly bills: utilities, credit cards, and rent/mortgage. Make the list in the form of a checklist so you can be sure that you don’t miss any payments each month. Next, create a designated spot where you organize all of your bill as they come in. A bin at home for your paper bills or a folder on your computer for electronic bills. Organize the bin at home or folder on your computer by bills that are paid and bills that are unpaid.

Create A Payment Schedule

Most bills are due either on the first or the 15th of the month. Mark this date on your calendar for each of the bills due on this date. If these dates feel very scattered, or all fall when your account balance tends to be low, work with bill collectors to change the due dates of your bills. Research whether you have a grace period between when your bill is due and when you are charged a late fee. Most grace periods will be about 15 days.

When You Need To Pay Your Bill ASAP

Sometimes life happens and you may not get around to paying your bill until days before it is due. Avoid late fees and head to your local currency exchange in Addison. For your convenience, WSCE will process utility payments at of our our locations. We are currently able to process payments for a variety of billers including AT&T, Commonwealth Edison, People’s Gas, Cingular Wireless, Nicor, and Spring PCS. Utility payments are processed electronically and most are credited to your account with 48 hours or less.

Have a question? Call to talk to our currency exchange Addison location today at (847) 299-3100.

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