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Get Your Illinois Plate Sticker Renewed in Schaumburg

When you think of the DMV, you often picture yourself waiting in ridiculous lines for hours, and your precious time being consumed. Thankfully, when it comes to getting your Illinois plate renewal taken care of, you no longer have to go to the DMV or the Secretary of State’s office. You can instead stop at one of the many West Suburban Currency Exchange locations in the Chicago suburbs, and handle your renewal in a timely manner.

We are able to sell you new license plate stickers over the counter for the current month, the following month, or any of the past six months, and can order stickers for the previous year as well. If a sticker is ordered at one of our 26 locations, it will be mailed to your mailing address. Look to our two locations in Schaumburg for license plate renewals, as well as many other dynamic services.

How We Simplify the Process

Instead of waiting in long lines or for a number to be called hours after you arrive, the WSCE process is designed for efficiency so that you aren’t waiting all day. You do not need an appointment, and our expedient process will have you out the door in no time!

When you come into our offices, all that we will require of you is your Registration ID card and a form of payment. These documents will be located on your vehicle’s registration, as well as the notice mailed to you by the Illinois Secretary of State. If you are unable to obtain these documents, you can get the information by calling the SoS Public Inquiry Division.

The license plate sticker must be renewed once a year. You can sign up for renewal notices by email by filling out the contact information on our website. You can also check the plate sticker for the expiration date, which allows you to plan ahead for when you need to get the renewal. If you do not have your sticker up to date, then you will be subject to hefty fines if you are pulled over.

Come to Schaumburg for your License Plate Sticker Renewals

Instead of taking time off of work or trying to get into the DMV on a busy weekend, take your time getting to a WSCE office whenever you are free. We have convenient hours and a wide service area for the express purpose of making your life easier. Take advantage of our many service offerings, and get everything you need taken care of in one trip!

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