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2 minutes read

Where Can I Renew My License Plate?

Published by Scott Hershman

It’s a necessary task all vehicle owners have to complete once per year: renewing their car’s plates. At best, it’s a task that only momentarily diverts your day. At worst, it’s long lines at the Secretary of State’s License Facility and/or a fine. Fortunately, this is a problem with more than one solution.

Visit a Secretary of State Driver’s License Facility

A trip to the Secretary of State’s office to get your renewal can take several hours out of your day and require you to miss work. This is true especially if you don’t live close to a license facility, or typically work during the office’s limited open hours. You can also receive your registration by mail, though it may take several weeks for it to reach your mailbox.

Stop by Any West Suburban Currency Exchange Location

All West Suburban Currency Exchange locations provide renewal stickers over-the-counter for every month of the current year, with previous years’ registration available upon request. Our many locations allow customers to pick up their registration instantly and without hassle. Long lines and short hours are not a problem at WSCE locations, with our dedicated team behind the counter working to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Looking for Auto License Services Near Glendale Heights?

Through the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes small tasks like a license sticker renewal get pushed to the back burner. There are over 25 West Suburban Currency Exchanges throughout the Chicago suburbs, making it easy to take care of your sticker without going well out of your way. If you have any questions regarding renewals or another auto license service near Glendale Heights, call us at (847) 299-3100.

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