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What’s the Difference Between Title and Registration?

Published by Scott Hershman

When it comes to learning how to drive, the Rules of the Road are undoubtedly what’s most important. Still, there are many other aspects of driving to cover—including learning the difference between their car’s title and registration. These two pieces of documentation serve very different purposes, and both are essential to maintaining your legal driving rights!

Your Car’s Title

The title of your car, sometimes casually referred to as a ‘pink slip,’ grants legal ownership over the vehicle. When you buy a new car (or a ‘new-to-you’ car) outright, you will be given the car’s title certificate. If you are working on a payment plan towards owning your vehicle, you won’t assume ownership of the car’s title until the car has been fully paid for. Title certificates need to be processed through State-sanctioned procedures. Car titles never need to be renewed.

Your Car’s Registration

All car owners need to register their vehicle with the state on a yearly basis in order to legally drive it on public roads. Your vehicle’s registration documentation also comes with a sticker to put in a designated spot on your license plate. In Illinois, these stickers are printed with the month and year that you will need to renew your registration for ease of remembering.

Auto License Services Around Carpentersville

Need to transfer the title of your car or update its registration? We can help. If you’re in need of auto license services around Carpentersville, visit the WSCE location nearest to you for quick and convenient service.

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