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2 minutes read

What is the Punishment for Not Renewing Your License Plate Tags?

Published by Scott Hershman

If you have license plate tags that are expired, it’s tempting to ignore it and continue to drive anyway. However, this can result in accidentally putting a target on your back when you are driving. In fact, the police may feel more inclined to pull you over if they see that you are driving with a tag that is expired.

Every state requires that drivers have updated license plate tags. This is something that you traditionally get at the DMV, but our currency exchange in Villa Park offers this service as well. It is important that all drivers have this sticker updated annually, or they may be pulled over in the case that they are caught driving with an expired tag.

Avoid Expensive Fines

Did you know that you can receive a new fine every time that you are stopped for driving with an expired tag? Even if you get more than one ticket for driving with an expired tag, it could add up to more than it would cost than if you just got an updated tag in the first place.

Parking Tickets Are Also Possible

Did you know that you don’t even have to be driving your vehicle in order for the police to give you a ticket for expired tags? If your car is parked and a police officer notices that your tags are not updated, you may find a ticket on your windshield the next time you drive.

Visit Our Currency Exchange in Villa Park

If you’re in need of an updated license plate sticker, our team at West Suburban Currency Exchange has plenty of locations from which you can choose. If you have more questions, contact us today!

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