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The Most Popular Reasons to Visit a Currency Exchange

Published by Scott Hershman

At West Suburban Currency Exchange, we have many different locations to help serve the greater Chicago area. As consumers, our focus is centered around money, which is where we come into play. Our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village is just one branch of our family owned and operated chain of stores. Here are some common reasons people visit us.

Vehicle Licenses

If you need a vehicle license or a title transaction, we can process that for you! This is due to the fact that we are an agent for the Illinois Secretary of State. We also offer renewal stickers for your license plate; keep in mind we sell stickers for any month in the current calendar year!

Money Orders

Our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village also offers money orders, which are similar to a prepaid check. You may find yourself needing a money order if you need to pay bills or if you want to mail money to your relatives. Money orders make it easy to keep records of any payments and you can also make payments during non-banking hours.

Foreign Currency

Visiting a foreign country is extremely exciting, but it can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. It’s ideal to visit our currency exchange in Elk Grove Village before a trip abroad to make sure you have the right currency, as sometimes you aren’t able to use non-native currencies abroad.

Beyond the above services, we also offer phone cards, vital records, pre-paid Visa debit cards, utility bill payments and more! Stop by any one of our locations to receive immediate help.

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