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2 minutes read

Preparing for A Foreign Currency Exchange

Published by Scott Hershman

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have an upcoming international trip you’re planning to take. How exciting! We want to help make your travel experience to a different country run as smoothly as possible, and this includes being prepared financially. West Suburban Currency Exchanges, Il is here to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.

3-Day Rule

Expect the transaction to take place within three days. While we work tirelessly to complete your transaction as quickly as possible, it’s best not to cut it close in these situations. This will add extra stress, especially knowing that there are some vendors in foreign countries that don’t accept non-native currency. Imagine getting to your destination and having no money to spend! This is a nightmare and will likely put a huge damper on your trip. Visit us early for

Paper Money Only

We will only order paper money for you as opposed to coins. While you will likely receive coins back when you break a bill in your destination, this is not something we order up front.

Rates Change Often

As you probably know, foreign currency exchange rates change all the time. If you’re curious to know what your exact exchange rate will be, you can look it up before going through with it. Common currencies we exchange include Canadian Dollars, Euros, English Pounds, Mexican Pesos, German Marks, Italian Lire and many more!

If you have questions about your foreign currency exchange in Mount Prospect, IL, contact WSCE today!

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