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2 minutes read

License Plate Sticker Renewal Requirements

Published by Scott Hershman

Did you know that you can renew your Illinois license plates at any of our West Suburban Currency Exchanges offices? When you don’t want to wait in long lines at the DMV or Secretary of State’s office, come to our currency exchange in West Chicago or one of our other locations to get your renewal sticker instantly.

How It Works

WSCE is able to sell renewal stickers over-the-counter to make getting your license plate renewal simple, quick, and instant. As long as it is the current year for your renewal sticker, there is no limit on how early you can renew your license in Illinois. Come to one of our locations, renew your plates instantly.

Making Your Life Easier

Avoiding the DMV is what many people prefer to do when it comes to their vehicle’s paperwork. At WSCE, we work hard to make renewing your Illinois license plates easy, completing the process in a timely manner instead of spending what could be a full day at the DMV.


When it comes to renewing your license plate, make sure you are checking the expiration date of your current sticker so you don’t fall behind. If you receive a renewal notice, it’s in your best interest to head over to our WSCE locations sooner rather than later. As for what documents are needed for a license plate renewal, you will need the following:

  • Your Registration ID and PIN – These can be found on your current registration card. If you don’t have these documents, then we can use your license plate number and vehicle information.
  • Form of payment – In order to receive a new sticker with WSCE, you need to be able to pay upfront so we can order the sticker immediately.

Though you will need to pay a small renewal fee, this is better than paying potential fines for driving with expired plates. Come to our currency exchange in West Chicago or a different location today if you are due for your Illinois license plate renewal and we will help you through the process.

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