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Interesting Currency from Across the Globe

Published by Scott Hershman

Even though the paper currency is slowly being replaced with online payments and plastic cards, there are still plenty of places around the world that use cash. Bank notes have quite a fascinating history, as they have been constantly updated to provide more security features such as anti-counterfeit capabilities. Below is a list of intriguing international currencies that you can bring up to your friends and family, and even use to win your next trivia event!

If you happen to possess any of these currencies and would like to exchange them for the United States Dollar, then come to a WSCE location!

Interesting Currency from Across the Globe

Fantastic Foreign Currency

  • South African Rand – South Africa’s currency celebrates the animals and natural beauty that can be found around the nation. Rhinos, elephants, lions, water buffalo, and jaguars can be found on the different notes.
  • Canadian Dollar – This is a currency that many Americans may be familiar with, but did you know that the Bank of Canada produces one of the first vertical bank notes? It was also the first time a Canadian woman was featured on a note.
  • English Pound – One of the oldest currencies in the world, the English pound dates back to the ninth century. The monarch of the country is typically featured on the notes, and for the first time in generations, we will begin to see the pound featuring someone other than the late Queen Elizabeth.
  • Cook Islands Dollar – The three-dollar note of Cook Island depicts the folklore story of Ina and the shark. Though this nation uses the New Zealand dollar as well, the unique three-dollar note can still be found in circulation.
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