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Reasons to Seek a Notary Service in Illinois

Published by Scott Hershman

Many people underestimate the role that notaries play, as they tend to only be discussed in the legal industry. Notaries play a key role in many legal matters, and documents are not legally binding until it has been signed off by a notary. That being said, you don’t have to be practicing Illinois law to call upon the services of a commissioned notary.

Reasons to Seek a Notary Service in Illinois

Benefits of Notarizing Your Papers

Notaries in Illinois verify the signer of a document’s identity, certifies its authenticity, and record the signing in a journal in order to keep records. All these acts mean that Illinois notary publics have the following benefits:

  • Thwart Scammers: Not every business deal is trustworthy, and it is better to verify the signer’s identity than to just put blind faith in them. The notary can be an additional shield against fraud when dealing with important documents. They will also check to ensure you are not signing any documents under duress
  • Legal Protection: Prevent contract discrepancies and unnecessary litigation by having the notary act as your witness.
  • Avoid Additional Court Witnesses: A notarized document is considered self-authenticating in a court of law, so a witness is not required to verify the authenticity of the document.
  • Give a Document Credibility: Since many documents are not considered legally binding until they have been notarized, a notary’s stamp gives any document inherent value and authenticity

If you are in search of notary services near you that can perform these duties, then come to one of the WSCE locations found throughout Illinois. Of the 26 locations, 23 have a notary public available who is qualified and ready to get your documents notarized.

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