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A Guide to Using International Prepaid Phone Cards

Published by Scott Hershman

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Communication is essential in our interconnected world. Prepaid phone cards offer a simple and cost-effective way to connect with loved ones and colleagues across the globe. Let’s dive into the quick and easy steps to use a long-distance calling card for international phone calls.

Purchasing A Card

First, you must purchase an international prepaid phone card from a reliable provider. You can buy international calling cards online or at convenience stores, cell phone providers, or airports. Choose a card with competitive rates for your desired destination.

How to Use a Calling Card for International Calls

Follow these steps to use a prepaid calling card: read the instructions, dial the access number, enter the PIN, and dial the destination number. Listen to all prompts and instructions. Also, remember to check your balance to avoid interruptions during your phone call!

Read the Instructions

Each calling card comes with instructions on its packaging. Read them carefully as they contain essential details about dialing procedures, access numbers, and any additional features the card may offer.

Dial the Access Number

Use your phone to dial the access number on the back of the card. This local access number enters you into the calling card service. It is either a toll-free number or a local number.

Enter Your Unique PIN

Upon dialing the access number, you’ll enter the PIN (personal identification number) provided on the front or back of the card. Keep this number private to prevent unauthorized use.

Dial the Destination Number

After verifying your PIN, dial the international destination number you want to call. Include the country code and recipient’s phone number.

Follow Prompts and Instructions

You may encounter prompts or instructions from the calling card service during the phone call. Follow them as needed. Some phone cards allow for additional features, like conference calls and call recording, during the call. Follow the instructions provided to access these features.

Keep an Eye on Your Balance and Expiration Date

Most calling cards track your remaining balance after each call. They can also expire if you don’t use them within their purchase history. This helps you track your calling rates and available minutes for future calls. Keep track of your balance and expiration date to avoid unexpected interruptions or lose unused minutes.

If you have any questions regarding your balance, call the customer service number listed on the back of the phone card.

Buy an International Phone Card at WSCE Today!

Phone cards make international communication simple and budget-friendly. You can find prepaid phone cards with no hidden fees at West Suburban Currency Exchange! We want everyone to connect with friends and family during their travels. Our phone cards are cost-efficient, easy to use, and available at any WSCE location.

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