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How Do I Check My Green Dot Card Balance?

Published by Scott Hershman

A Green Dot card is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a debit card without opening a bank account. It makes for a great gift and it can be a convenient way to pay for things without keeping cash on hand.

As a retailer of Green Dot’s Visa prepaid debit cards, West Suburban Currency Exchanges is your go-to source for Green Dot questions. We’re happy to set you up with a new Green Dot card and help you check your balance.

Let’s discuss how to purchase a Green Dot card, how to access your account, and how to check your existing balance.

Getting Your Green Dot Card Set Up

After purchasing your Green Dot card from one of our many West Suburban Currency Exchanges locations, give the cashier the amount of cash you’d like loaded onto the card. Once the cashier swipes it, your debit card is ready to use!

While the card itself is labeled as a debit card, it’s virtually used as cash, meaning there are no overdraft fees. You’ll be able to use it at almost any business around the country.

When it comes to reloading your Green Dot card, you have several options to do so. You can set up a Green Dot direct deposit for your paycheck or government benefits. You can also make an online transfer from another bank account to your Green Dot account. Finally, you can easily deposit cash into your Green Dot account at hundreds of thousands of retailers nationwide, including West Suburban Currency Exchanges.

Accessing Your Green Dot Account

To access your Green Dot account, start by creating an account on the Green Dot website or Green Dot App. You’ll need your 16-digit card number, the expiration date, and the CV code. These can all be found on your prepaid debit card.

If you already have an account, log in on the Green Dot website or app. From here, you’ll be able to view your account information, balance, and transaction history.

If you’ve lost the physical card or you don’t remember your password, you’ll need to follow Green Dot’s account recovery process to gain access to your account.

How Do I Check My Green Dot Balance?

What Number Do I Call to Check My Green Dot Balance?

To check your Green Dot balance, call 1-866-795-7597 and follow the automated prompts. Keep in mind your balance may not include any transactions made in the last 30 minutes. For faster service, text BAL followed by a space and the last four digits of your Green Dot card number to 42586​.

Can I Check My Card Balance Online?

Yes! You can check your green dot balance online. Check your balance and transaction history anytime by logging in to your account on or the mobile app.

You can also add your mobile number to your account in account settings. Then, you can text specific commands to 42586 to check your balance or transactions. Green Dot doesn’t charge for text messages, but personal carrier rates apply.

How Do I Check My Prepaid Card Balance in Person?

You can check your green dot balance in person by visiting any ATM, like those located at West Suburban Currency Exchanges. Simply insert your Green Dot card into the ATM, and then enter your card pin. If you haven’t yet set up a pin, you can call Green Dot customer support to set this up.

Keep in mind that MoneyPass ATMs allow you to check your Green Dot balance for free, but non-MoneyPass ATMs may charge a small fee for this service.

Finding Your Green Dot Visa Gift Card Balance in the Green Dot Mobile App

You can check your Green Dot gift card balance 24/7 by using the Green Dot mobile app. Download the app onto your smartphone on the iPhone or Android app store. Then, open the app and log in using your username and password.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to check your balance, account information, and transaction history.

Convenient Prepaid Debit Card Services

Green Dot visa cards are useful, reliable, and easy to use. When you need to purchase a new card or reload your balance, West Suburban Currency Exchanges has you covered. We’re your one-stop shop for financial services in the suburbs of Chicago!

Visit one of our convenient currency exchanges in the Chicago suburbs today!

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