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How Do I Check My Green Dot Card Balance?

Posted on December 22nd, 2021 by Scott Hershman

The Green Dot Visa Prepaid Debit Card is the perfect solution for those who want to give a reloadable card to a friend or family member. While it can be treated as a gift card or cash, it’s not immediately clear how you’ll be able to check the card’s balance. As a retailer for Green Dot’s Prepaid Visa Cards, our team at West Suburban Currency Exchange is more than happy to help you answer this question.

How Does It Work?

After purchasing the card from a place like one of the many West Suburban Currency Exchange locations, you’ll load it with a specific dollar amount and then it will be good to go.

Green Dot Visa Prepaid Card - West Suburban Currency Exchange

While the card itself is labeled as a debit card, it’s virtually used as cash or a credit card without interest fees. You’ll be able to use it at millions of businesses around the world, and on numerous ATMs as well if you wish to withdraw cash.

When it comes to checking the balance of your green dot card, you have several options to do so. Along with making a regular withdrawal on an ATM, you’ll also be able to check your card’s balance, just like you would with a debit card. Green Dot also has an app that also allows users to check and reload their card at any time. Lastly, after registering your phone number with Green Dot, you’ll be able to text an automated phone number to view your account balance.

What Else Do I Need To Know About The Green Dot Prepaid Card?

Because the prepaid card is treated just like cash, it’s almost impossible to see a prepaid card from greendot with a negative balance. It’s also possible to transfer money from a greendot to a paypal account.


Your Check Cashing Services Around Franklin Park

Whether you’re looking to cash your latest paycheck or reload your Green Dot Visa card, our teams at all 26 WSCE locations are always ready to help you.

For questions about our services like the Green Dot Prepaid Visa card, please visit us online or call us at (847) 299-3100.

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