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2 minutes read

What Happens if I Don’t Renew My License Plates in Illinois?

Published by Scott Hershman

Drivers in Illinois must renew their car’s plate stickers once a year or risk hefty fines and legal issues. The state collects millions of dollars from not only the Illinois plate sticker cost but also the late fees. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office used to issue notices to vehicle owners when they were due for renewal, but in 2016 the decision was made to end this practice.

What is the Illinois Plate Renewal Late Fee?

The fine for expired plates in Illinois is a $20 fee, and although $20 might not be cause for much concern, that’s not the only penalty that you can incur for expired tags. Because it’s illegal to drive with expired plates, you’ll risk being pulled over every time you hit the road. You can even receive a ticket for expired plates while parked.

If you are pulled over, the officer will likely issue a ticket for driving on expired plates in Illinois that is several times more expensive than the late fee for the plate sticker. In some instances, you can have a judge waive the fee if you show up to your court date with proof that you’ve renewed your registration. But between a trip to the DMV and the courthouse, you’ll likely lose a day or more of your time.

To avoid these hassles, stop by your West Suburban Currency Exchange when your tags are getting close to the expiration date. We’re fully equipped to provide you with a new sticker and have you out the door in minutes. Even if they are already expired, a late license plate renewal for your Illinois plates is still possible, so you can avoid getting hit with a fine while driving around town.

Don’t wait until you get a ticket to renew your Illinois license plate stickers. Stop by your local WSCE location today for a new sticker, vehicle title transfer in Illinois, or any of our other numerous services.

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