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Check Cashing FAQ

Published by Scott Hershman

What kind of checks can I cash at WSCE?

Here at WSCE we can cash all types of checks including government, payroll, personal, two-party, money orders, insurance drafts, income tax returns, cashier’s checks, and more!

How quickly will I be able to get cash for my check?

When you cash a check at WSCE you will be able to get cash instantly. Often times, when you deposit a check at your bank they may put a hold on your deposited funds for several days.

Is there a limit of the size of check I can deposit at WSCE?

Other check cashing companies may turn away checks of certain types and sizes, at WSCE we are fully committed to cashing every good check that is handed to us.

Will you cash a check that is made payable to my company?

Here at WSCE we can cash checks that are payable to your company. You will need to bring the following information:

  • Bring your Articles of Incorporation, if you are incorporated for less than one year
  • If you have been incorporated for more than year, bring your Articles of Incorporation and your annual minutes (Form 2433) filed on your last anniversary of the corporation
  • If you are not incorporated and have been doing business for less than one year, you are required to provide us with a letter from an accountant or an attorney stating that you are the sole proprietor of the business.
  • If you are not incorporated and have been doing business for more than one year, you are required to present us with your Schedule C from your latest federal tax return.

Call us at 847-299-3100 for more information.

Do you cash personal checks?

Yes! We understand that some cashers simply refuse to handle any personal checks. Here at WSCE, we welcome them. Depending on the size or certain circumstance, we may bank the check, and release the funds after the check has cleared.

Will I need to bring identification to cash a check?

Yes, when cashing a check at WSCE valid identification is required.
For more information about our check cashing services visit a location nearest you!

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