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How to Transfer a Car Title After Death in Illinois

Published by Scott Hershman

It’s always sad for friends or family members to die. In the grieving process, you may need to handle unexpected inheritance or estate possessions. When it comes to car ownership, the process is a little complicated. Read this guide to learn how Illinois residents can transfer the title after death.

The Process

Transferring ownership from a deceased person involves a lengthy process with much proof and required documentation. First, the Secretary of State’s Office must receive the following:

  • Decedent’s title

  • A completed Application for Vehicle Transaction Form (VSD 190)

  • $50 title fee and applicable registration fees

  • Certified copies of letters of admission or testamentary showing the legal ownership representation of the estate

Small Estate Affidavit

If the estate is worth less than $100,000, you will complete a Small Estate Affidavit describing the year, make, and vehicle identification number (VIN). You will also need to submit

  • The decedent’s title

  • A copy of the death certificate

  • Completed VSD 190

  • $50 title fee

  • Proof of compliance with the RUT-50 Vehicle Use Tax

Attorney’s Affidavit

If the Small Estate Affidavit does not apply, and there’s no probation on the estate, you can accomplish the transfer through an attorney’s affidavit. The Attorney’s Affidavit must include

  • The name and last address of the deceased

  • Date of when the owner died

  • Year, make, and VIN of the vehicle

  • Relationship of the new ownership to the deceased

  • Any pertinent facts relating to the transfer

  • Copy of the death certificate

  • Decedent’s title

  • Completed VSD 190

  • $50 title transfer fee

  • Proof of compliance with the Vehicle Tax Use RUT-50

What to Do if You Have a Lost Title

If you have a lost title in IL, you do not need to apply for a duplicate certificate of title. However, you must make an affidavit indicating the lost title and a statement explaining the vehicle transfer. In the case of a Small Estate Affidavit or Attorney’s Affidavit, you can include the lost title statement with those affidavits. You may also need to provide a lost title statement, including the year, make, VIN, new buyer’s name, and the executor’s signature.

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