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Can You Get a Refund on Currency Exchanges?

Published by Scott Hershman

Visiting a new country is exciting and adventurous! Unless that country accepts US dollars, you may find yourself trapped if you don’t have local currency. Perhaps you just returned from a trip and don’t know what to do with all that foreign money.

But do currency exchanges provide you the best rates? Are they skimming you off of precious dollars while you’re unaware? Read these tips on currency exchanges to get your money’s worth!

How Currency Exchange Works

Foreign currency exchange is quite simple: you exchange your local currency for the country you’re visiting. For example, US dollars to pesos, Canadian dollars, Euros, or English pounds. The American dollar is not universally accepted, and you are better off using local currency in international travel. More so, some foreign shops may not provide accurate change compared to a bank, airport, or currency exchange building.

A person exchanging US dollars for Euros

Currency Exchange Refunds

If you’re stressing over what to do with your leftover foreign money, don’t fret. Currency exchange buildings offer straight-forward transactions for cash deposits. You should expect an amount based on the appropriate exchange rate. There may be a slight foreign conversion fee, but this number is likely negligible.

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