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2 minutes read

What Can A Western Union Money Transfer Do For You?

Published by Scott Hershman

Do you have a friend or relative that lives in another country or is studying abroad? Or you need to pay for goods or services using a money transfer? WSCE offers Western Union money transfer services at all locations. Western Union allows you to send money in minutes throughout the United States, to Mexico, or around the world. When money is sent the recipient can pick up the funds at a participating Western Union Agent Location around the world.

Payment Right Away

When you need to make an immediate payment, Western Union’s Quick Collect service allows you to make a payment to a participating creditor in the United States. Send car or mortgage payments that the recipient can receive immediately. Quick Collect helps you to avoid late fees and costs less than many overnight alternatives.


There are over 25 WSCE locations that are ready to serve you. Using our Western Union services you are able to send money to friends and family quickly and safely. You do not need to drive far to our location or wait for the post office to deliver a check. WSCE is your community financial center.

Send money using a Western Union money transfer today at a WSCE near you!

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