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2 minutes read

5 Money Saving Hacks

Published by Scott Hershman

Even though it’s almost halfway through 2017, it’s never too late to make financial resolutions. As your local currency exchange in Mount Prospect IL, we want you to be in good financial standing. We understand how difficult it can be to save money and make changes to your money-spending habits. We have picked out 5 different money-saving hacks that are small changes that can make a big impact on your finances.

  1. Match your bad habits with good habits. For every $1 you spend on a bad habit, match it with $1 deposited into your savings account. For example money you spend on alcohol, expensive lattes, cigarettes, or shopping.
  2. Setup automated savings. Create a new savings account that is dedicated to automated savings. Transfer a weekly amount of $25.00 to it.
  3. Give up your morning latte.  Skipping out on your morning latte could save you about $70 a month and an estimated yearly savings of $840. Thinking about how much money you are spending a year on your morning habits makes it much easier to make a change. Sit down and calculate how much you are actually spending on your morning coffee stops.
  4. Create a change jar. Creating a jar for spare change could create an estimated yearly savings of $168.48. Plan to use only bills not change everywhere you go. Take the change you receive and put it into the jar.
  5. Use a mobile app. Download an app like Earny or Mint. Mobile apps can track your purchases, keep track of receipts, price-check items, and make suggestions for you.


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