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3 Easy Gifts That Will Fit In Your Winter Holiday Cards

Published by Scott Hershman

One of the biggest holiday weekends of the year is just a few days away. If you haven’t finished your gift shopping by now, then you might be scrambling to think of what to get loved ones this year.

While something extravagant like jewelry, clothes or a new gaming system might sound ideal, the best gifts are often what someone really needs. The way you present your gift to someone can also save or break your bank account.

3 Easy Gifts That Will Fit In Your Winter Holiday Cards

Instead of spending hours attempting to wrap each present, we suggest writing a heart-felt holiday card with a simple present tucked inside. Here are just a few ideas we have for presents too:

  1. Cash –
    1. The most obvious choice for a present is often labeled as “thoughtless” or “careless.” Do you remember how excited you were about opening your birthday cards and finding a few dollar bills tucked inside? Paired with a thoughtful holiday card, your loved ones will appreciate a gift that they can use however they want.
  2. A Prepaid Debit Card –
    1. If you didn’t want to give straight cash as a present, you could also invest in a greendot, prepaid debit card. From there, recipients will be able to use it just like a regular debit or credit card, until there are no funds left. Some greendot cards allow fund refills to happen while others do not.

If they prefer to use more advanced payment methods such as payments from a phone, an individual can quickly learn how to transfer money from the greendot card to a bank account as well.

  1. Phone Cards –
    1. For parents looking to purchase their child’s first phone, this presentation style can also add an element of surprise. Most kids know the shape of a box containing a new phone but not a phone card. Including this card within the holiday card not only tells the child they will be getting their first phone, but it also gives parents an opportunity to invest in an affordable phone plan for their kid.

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