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Renew Illinois License Plate Stickers in Des Plaines, IL

The days of waiting in long lines at the DMV in order to renew your Illinois plate sticker are over. If you or a family member are looking to get your 2023 or 2024 stickers, then you are in luck. WSCE sells license plate renewals in Des Plaines, as well as most of the western Chicago suburbs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Lee Street Currency Exchange location in order to get your renewal sticker.

What Do I Need to Get a Plate Sticker?

In order to receive your new plate sticker, Illinois drivers will just need a method of payment, your Registration ID Cardor or the renewal postcard tha you receive by mail. The renewal notice is sent by the Secretary of States office, and the payment can either be cash, check, or debit card. If you cannot locate the identification card or postcard for whatever reason, you can obtain them by calling the SOS Public Inquiry Division.

No need to wait in long lines for license plate renewal.

When Do I Renew an Illinois License Plate Sticker?

Illinois license plates must be renewed once a year, and the SOS office will send you an alert via email or physical mail. You can also check the sticker currently displayed on your license plate to determine the expiration date. Driving with an expired license plate will result in a hefty fine, and should be avoided at all costs. So instead of waiting to receive your renewal notice, stop by West Suburban Currency Exchange and get a jump start on the process.

Why Choose WSCE?

Now that you have your registration card, the fastest and simplest way to get your renewal sticker is to head to a currency exchange. Government offices are usually only open during regular business hours and thus require you to take time off work in order to schedule an appointment. WSCE locations maintain hours of operation that are convenient to our customers, such as weeknights and weekends!

Visit Our Des Plaines Location

The objective of WSCE is to provide the highest quality customer service possible to everyone who walks through our doors. We offer a suite of services besides license plate renewals, such as check cashing, bill payments, and notary services, all in one convenient location. If you are in the Des Plaines area, or any of the western Chicago suburbs, then stop into West Suburban Currency Exchange and take advantage of all our services.

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