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What to Know About Phone Cards

Published by Scott Hershman

In today’s world, it seems that no matter who we want to connect with, they are only a phone call away. This is true, and a phone card is a tool that you can use to make that process even easier. At West Suburban Currency Exchange, we sell phone cards to shoe who want to buy minutes in advance.These are ideal for long-distance calls or international calling cards. You can pay for a certain number of minutes, and this number will depend on how much the card costs as well as where you are calling.

How It Works

When you buy a phone card, you will also receive an access number that you need to call as well as a PIN. In order to make the call, you will dial the access number and enter your PIN. From there, you will dial the number that you are trying to reach. After you enter your PIN, you will hear a recorded message that lets you know how many minutes you have left. Your PIN tracks the total number of minutes that you use to make calls.

Keep Fees in Mind

While you do pay for a certain number of minutes, fees may take away from the total number of minutes that you have to talk. For example, you may lose minutes when you dial the access number, dial the number you are trying to reach, or when you end the call. Make sure to check the expiration date on your phone card as well!

If you are in need of a phone card, visit our currency exchange in Westmont today!

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