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How Long Does a Money Order Last?

Some people don’t carry checkbooks, but certain services still require a bank-verified payment making cash or debit cards fruitless. In this case, a money order can help. Read this guide...

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Can You Get a Refund on Currency Exchanges?

Visiting a new country is exciting and adventurous! Unless that country accepts US dollars, you may find yourself trapped if you don’t have local currency. Perhaps you just returned from...

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How Does Western Union Work? – Western Union FAQ

Western Union has been one of the most convenient ways to transfer money for more than a century. Western Union locations can be found around the globe, but for those...

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The Top Five Cash-Reliant Countries in the World

With the prominence of online banking and cashless payments in the United States, it can be easy to forget that cash was once king. There are still millions of people...

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How to Transfer a Car Title After Death in Illinois

It’s always sad for friends or family members to die. In the grieving process, you may need to handle unexpected inheritance or estate possessions. When it comes to car ownership,...

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Save for Your Future with these Frugal Tips

Everyone fancies the concept of saving money, but as many know, it is not quite as simple as putting a handful of dollars aside each month. Saving goals requires planning...

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Affordable Vacation Ideas for Chicagoland Residents

As the weather warms up, people are beginning to plan their spring and summer vacations around the Chicago area. If you are a Chicagoland resident, then you don’t have to...

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Reasons to Seek a Notary Service in Illinois

Many people underestimate the role that notaries play, as they tend to only be discussed in the legal industry. Notaries play a key role in many legal matters, and documents...

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Interesting Currency from Across the Globe

Even though the paper currency is slowly being replaced with online payments and plastic cards, there are still plenty of places around the world that use cash. Bank notes have...

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