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Benefits of Using a Phone Card

Published by Scott Hershman

Our currency exchange near Villa Park offers phone cards for both long-distance and wireless calls. There are a few to choose from, but it’s important to know about the benefits of using phone cards.

Lower Rates

With a prepaid phone card, you are more likely to have lower long-distance rates, saving more than 50 percent on your distance costs.

Use With Any Phone

Home phones, cell phones, office phones—you can use a phone card with any of these. You won’t have to discontinue existing long-distance services and you also receive a better rate per minute.

Works Great During Travel and Vacation

If you are going on a family vacation or getting ready to take a business trip, consider buying a prepaid phone card to bring with you as you can save a lot of money wherever you have to make the call. Make sure you contact your service provider to let them know you have a phone card and where you will be using it.

Budgeting For Calls

Depending on your needs for long-distance phone calls, you can figure out the correct phone card to buy in order to help you save on costs. In addition, don’t buy too many cards at once as their activation dates can vary and you may not be able to use them all before the expiration date.

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Contact Western Suburban Currency Exchanges Inc. today to learn about our prepaid phone cards and our other offerings such as license plate renewals and money orders. You can reach our currency exchange near Villa Park at 847.299.3100 if you have any questions or concerns.

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